Rules Help

PPDM Rules Help


Use the search function to find rules of interest. The search term can be a word, a text string, or a list of rule numbers (Rule ID). If you don’t specify anything, the default search is to find all published rules.

You may search for a term in the rule Statement only (default) and/or in the Description.

You may restrict your search by any of the following ways:

You may also apply a filter based on one or more of the classifications of the rule:

The search results may be downloaded by using the Export function button.

Advanced Search

The search term can be a word, a text string, or a list of rule numbers (Rule ID). A more complex text string may be built using Boolean logic. For example:

A Boolean search term must be in UPPER CASE. See Help on Boolean logic for more details.

Boolean logic

The search engine uses Boolean logic by default to enable more precise filtering. This use of the Boolean operators and advanced filters is outlined here.

Individual terms and phrases

Find documents containing the term "render"


Find documents containing the phrase "all was well"

"all was well"

Note that a field must store Position information for phrase searching to work in that field.

Normally when you specify a phrase, the maximum difference in position between each word in the phrase is 1 (that is, the words must be right next to each other in the document). For example, the following matches if a document has "shut" within 5 words after "well".

"well shut"~5
Inexact Terms

Use "globs" (wildcard expressions using ? to represent a single character and * to represent any number of characters) to match terms

te?t test* *b?g*

Note that a wildcard starting with ? or * is very slow. Note also that these wildcards only match individual terms. For example, the query


will not match an indexed phrase like:

my so called life

because those are four separate terms.

Boolean operators

Find rules containing render and shading:

render AND shading

Note that AND is the default relation between terms, so this is the same as:

render shading

Find documents containing render, and also either shading or modeling:

render AND shading OR modeling

Find documents containing render but not modeling:

render NOT modeling

Find documents containing alpha but not either beta or gamma:

alpha NOT (beta OR gamma)

Note that when no boolean operator is specified between terms, the parser will insert one, by default AND. So this query:

render shading modeling

is equivalent (by default) to:

render AND shading AND modeling