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PPDM Rules Help

Submitting Rules

The Create Rule and Import functions are currently disabled to control IP rights. Please send your rules, in the defined file format, to

PPDM has certain conditions concerning intellectual property rights that may prevent us from accepting your rules. Members of the PPDM Association have accepted these conditions as part of their membership agreement. Guests may be asked to sign a waiver.

PPDM reserves the right to decline your submission or modify any of the rules.

Rule File Format

The import tool supports 3 formats for the import file: JSON, CSV, XML. You can find the specifications below.

Mandatory and optional fields

Your file must conform to the database's structure. See the explanation of the database fields. At the minimum, each rule must have text for the fields statement and subject_areas. If you are not sure of the correct subject area term(s), just provide your own words as guidance for the editor. Your contribution to any of the other fields is also helpful. Each rule is examined at PPDM by a subject expert and may be edited before or after being presented for public review.

Please leave the following fields blank: rule_id, status_id, type_id and all date fields. But do not delete the columns. IMPORTANT: rule_id must be null.

A few fields in the database are not being used and are therefore hidden on the rules display. However, these fields must still be present as columns in the import file, even if left blank.

Rule syntax

Write the rule statement as a concise and simple declaration of the expected condition of a data item, using these guidelines:

Rule Contributions

The Rules Repository depends on rules contributed by the E&P industry. PPDM welcomes the submission of data rules. Please send them in a file conforming to the specifications.

The Rules App has a user interface for creating one rule at a time. However, it is not supported at the present stage of development. It is more efficient to submit (Import) your rules in a batch file, and it is also more efficient for the editorial and review process.

A few fields are mandatory for every rule: Statement and Subject Area. Additional information is valuable in PPDM's body of knowledge about data management. Please provide your insights about each rule:

Mandatory fields

STATEMENT The statement is the logical description of the rule in common language. It should be clear and simple to understand the conditions under which it will test. It is the text exposed when looking at the list of rules in the Rules application. E.g. (Rule 2) A geodetic datum must have a defined ellipsoid of revolution. Where possible, avoid highly technical terms. For consistency, the style requires the early date before the later date, and top depth before bottom depth.

SUBJECT AREA Each rule must be assigned to a high-level subject category (e.g. seismic). This helps to place the rule in its business context and reduces the need to elaborate on context within the rule Statement. The subject areas are based on the roadmaps of the PPDM 3.9 data model, although there is no requirement for the rules to conform to any particular data model.

Additional fields are available to provide further knowledge about the rule and its application. These fields are described in the Help section Fields in the Rules Repository.