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Database fields

Some additional fields are not shown through the Rules App because they are only for administration. A few other fields remain in the repository database because they were used previously but are no longer supported.

The first column shows the term displayed in the Rules App. The second column is the field name in the database. See Help for submitting rules to know the correct order for loading rules into the database.

Rule ID Rule ID A system-assigned unique number for the rule 475
Statement Statement A logical expression of a single expected condition in a data item. If the condition always exists, the statement uses “must”; otherwise “should”. Well test interval top depth must be less than base depth
Status Status_id A code for the status of the rule: 1 = draft, 5 = published, etc. Published
Description Description An explanation of the business context of the rule and the expected condition A test is conducted in a defined depth interval in a wellbore
Coding Example diag_description An outline of a diagnostic process to test the rule. It may be described in general text or as a fragment of computer code WELL_TEST.TOP_DEPTH is less than WELL_TEST.BASE_DEPTH
Diagnostic Advice Diagnostic qualifications Guidance on the diagnostic process The top and base depths must be for the same test in the same wellbore.
Exceptions diag_exceptions Data types or conditions that are not subject to this data rule If the test tool (test type) applies to a point rather than an interval, the top and base values may be equal.
Tolerance diag_tolerances Allowance for an outcome to be accepted as passing the rule; usually a numeric value Two feet
Business Impact impact_business A brief explanation of the possible effect on business processes and decisions if the data fails the rule. This is essentially a reason why the business should spend money on data quality management. If the tested interval is incorrect, decisions about reservoir properties and reserves may be incorrect.
Data Impact impact_data A brief explanation of the implications for data quality management if the data fails the rule. It may also explain how a failure of this data item can affect other data. A rule failure suggests an error in the data loader, a mistake on manual data entry, or corruption of the source file. If the failure is the result of a process, other wells may have similar errors.
Resolution resolution_ description General guidance on how to investigate and resolve a data item that fails the rule. This is a means to capture organizational knowledge. Consult the source record for the well test to validate the depth interval. Examine the data loading process to see if the error has been repeated on other records.
Subject subject_areas The high-level classification of data based on the published roadmaps for the PPDM 3.9 data model. Well
Rule type rule_types A high-level classification of the rule according to its purpose Data rule
Quality Dimension quality_dimension A classification of rules according to the type of quality being assessed. Accuracy
Created on created_on The date when the rule was submitted. 2013-03-03
Published On published_on The date when the rule was made available as an approved rule. 2013-06-06
Updated On updated_on The most recent date when the rule or its metadata was revised. 2014-07-11